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Success isn’t just about making money, although it is a key component. True and lasting success also includes contribution, meaning and fulfillment. The clearer and more aligned you are with your purpose, the easier it is to build a prosperous and sustainable business you love.

If you’re ready to create a highly-profitable, lifestyle friendly business that makes the difference you want to make in the world, then I encourage you to take the quiz NOW.

In as little as 4 minutes you’ll discover the areas where you're on track and doing well, as well as those you most likely need to put some attention to accelerate your success and experience more of what you really want.

But we won’t stop there. After taking the quiz, make sure to check your inbox right away. There you’ll find a summary of your results and some very important next steps I’m suggesting you take based on where you are on your journey to creating a sustainably profitable, lifestyle friendly business that makes the difference that only you are here to make.

Greater clarity is just 4 minutes away. Take the Success Accelerator Quiz NOW!

Rating Scale:
0 = I've not addressed this at all
4 = I've given this some attention
7 = I'm doing pretty well here
10 = I've totally nailed this!

I. Clarity of Purpose - Your Inspiration

1. I have a clear and compelling vision for business, my desired lifestyle and the impact I want to make in the world.

2. My business values are closely aligned with my personal values.

3. I have short and long term goals for my business, that are aligned with my mission, vision, values & WHY.

4. I have a clear project plan with required steps and deadlines for all high priority projects.

5. I review my goals and vision daily to keep me focused, inspired and taking consistent action.

II. Client Attraction Mastery - Your Tribe Builder

1. I am crystal clear about who my ideal, “dream” client is and I understand their pains, fears, dreams and desires.

2. I am crystal clear on the unique value I bring to the marketplace that people in my niche will gladly pay for.

3. I feel confident sharing what I do and I know what to say to inspire others to want to learn more.

4. I have free gifts that demonstrate what I have to offer and inspire people to join my list.

5. I have multiple ways clients can work with me and I feel good about what I am charging.

III. Sales & Marketing Mastery - Your Conversion Booster

1. I have two or more leveraged lead generation channels that consistently attract my ideal clients.

2. I have a step-by-step process that empowers clients to create the results they come to me for.

3. I’m confident in my offer and know I’m providing what my ideal clients need and want.

4. I have a process for moving qualified leads into a conversation with me to explore how I can help.

5. I have a proven process for enrollment conversations that move potential clients to a YES.

IV. Strategic, Leveraged & Sustainable Growth — Your Income Amplifier

1. I know what my income producing actives are and I spend 60-70% of my time on them.

2. I have systems in place to generate all the money making opportunities I desire.

3. I have an accountability system I use to consistently meet my objectives.

4. I have one or more one-to-many models that allow me to support multiple clients simultaneously.

5. I utilize strategic team members so I spend 60% or more of my time in my zone of genius.

V. A-Game Mindset — Your Energetic Success Factor

1. I begin each day with a clear picture of my next best move to accomplish my mission, vision and goals.

2. I have a sense of peace around the state of my finances.

3. I easily and consistently earn what I’m worth.

4. I quickly and easily make decisions that are aligned with my mission, vision, and goals.

5. I know where I get stuck and have strategies I use to move forward.

VI. Your Commitment Level (1 = Not true for me at all, 10 = Absolutely YES!)

1. I am committed to discovering what steps I can take to increase revenues and accelerate my success.

2. I value the opportunity to speak with someone to explore ways I can take my business to the next level.

3. I am open to investing in getting the support I need to create the results I am wanting.

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